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Welcome to the website of Projeto Boto

Projeto Boto is a non-profit research project that is increasing knowledge, understanding and the conservation prospects of the Amazon's two endemic dolphins - the boto or Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) and the tucuxi (Sotalia fluviatilis). Our primary objective is to help conserve river dolphins and their habitats through provision of the biological and ecological information necessary for good management. A further aim is to provide training and field experience to bright young scientists, especially from Brazil and other South American states with river dolphins, to enhance the capacity to study and protect these precious animals wherever they occur.

Our work is world-renowned for its excellence, and achieves far-reaching results with few resources. We are always keen to hear from people or organisations who are motivated to support us - by providing their time or hard-earned cash. Details of how to contact us, and to become an intern or volunteer, are given elsewhere on this site.



Projeto Boto’s success has been due to the cooperation, hard work and dedication of many individuals, and to the generous financial support of several institutions, agencies and societies. Among these are:

CNPq, Darwin Initiative (UK Government), INPA, Mamirauá Institute, National Geographic Society, Natural Environment Research Council (UK), Worldwide Fund for Nature (UK)


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